Fundacion Ecuatoriana Santa Maria del Fiat

The Fundación Ecuatoriana Santa María del Fiat was founded by Father Othmar Staheli. The headquarters Foundation is located in Manglaralto, Provincia de Santa Elena - Ecuador, about 200 km from Guayaquil, along the Pacific Ocean.

Since 1972, Father Othmar was aware that not only should be given the word of God, but also solidarity in education aid, food, housing, health and water supply.

In 1989, the foundation was legally established by ministerial approval of the Ministry of Social Welfare of Ecuador.

On the top of this hill are the houses that give a home, food and education to more than 170 children and teenagers, for free.
The mission operates a K-12 school for the children in the surrounding towns. The children who come to the school come from very poor families and most find it difficult to pay for tuition ($15-$25 depending upon the grade level). Some children travel over an hour each way to school every day as this the only opportunity they will have for a quality education.


P. Othmar Staheli
P. Bertram Wick
Gaby Bloechlinger
Barbara Keller


The Foundation is dedicated to promoting the integral development of the inhabitants of the most deprived sectors of society in Ecuador and to develop specific programs and projects to improve their quality of life.
If you want to know more about the Foundation, or want to cooperate with us to alleviate the needs of the residents and combat poverty of these people, then you can contact us:

CEL PHONE ROCIO: 00-5939-9738569
ADDRESS: Via a Dos Mangas- Manglaralto -Provincia Santa Elena - Ecuador
EMAIL:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
As a contact give: Rocio Zaldumbide from Hotel Sierra Madre


Rocio Zaldumbide, as the owner of Hotel Sierra Madre and Hotel Hacienda Santa Ana Cotopaxi and active Member from Foundation Santa Maria del Fiat, has been giving help to the Mission, being a bridge between different groups of people that want to help poor communities and do social work.

We are a point of reception of donations from many Companies and generous families, receiving mattresses, Dentist equipment, towels, bed sheets, curtains, clothes, etc and also money that is being used for rebuilding old and damaged constructions.

Hotel Sierra Madre is one of their homes when they need a place to stay in Quito.

From January 2011, Parutec Cia Ltda, owner of Hotel Sierra Madre and Hotel Hacienda Santa Ana Cotopaxi, will donate US$ 1.00 per day and per room that will be sold by the Web to help support this Mission. We hope that with the support given by our guests and the Hotels, we will do something for the poor and suffered souls, instead of just seeing how everything happens and just watch and do nothing.